In one of the highest points of the extensive Las Cañadas area, are located our rustic and comfortable cabins. With a spectacular view of the Las Animas and La Bandera hills, these eco tourist cabins offer a panoramic view of the water park framed by the mountain scenery.

FACILITIES AND SERVICES: In the cabins you will find: One shower with hot running water, restroom and Sink, Electrical outlets, Water and Drainage, Kitchenette with sink (no stove nor fridge), One vehicle parking, two person sofa bed, one Bedroom with bunk beds for up to 4 people, camping table and a grill.

Our mission at Las Cañadas Campground is to promote an atmosphere of values, healthy fun and the necessary conditions for kids to run around in a peaceful environment filled with respect and safety; therefore, only family groups (fathers and children) are allowed to spend the night in cabins, teepees or camping. No groups of teenagers allowed for camping.

Want to know what do we consider a “group of teenagers”? Click on the More Information link.