Indian Village

The Indian Village is a small colony of Tepees with a privileged panoramic view of the campground's lake.

A Tepee is a unique tent (dwelling) used by the Sioux Indian tribes belonging to the northern regions of the American continent. Their original version were made of bison skin and painted with vegetable colors

Why Camp in a Teepee in Las Cañadas? • Because it offers to families a different sleeping experience. • Gives children the opportunity to experience how Indians used to sleep on their tribes. • Printed on your teepee you will find graphic representations that evoke the great diversity in native fauna that exists in our region, which will undoubtedly add a unique and educational approach to this experience. • There is NO other place in Baja California that offers this night spending experience!

Our Teepees include: one car parking, one grill, a camping table, 4 to 6 sleeping mats (depending on the teepee), 4 to 6 person capacity (depending on the teepee).

Our mission at Las Cañadas Campground is to promote an atmosphere of values, healthy fun and the necessary conditions for kids to run around in a peaceful environment filled with respect and safety; therefore, only family groups (fathers and children) are allowed to spend the night in cabins, teepees or camping. No groups of teenagers allowed for camping.

Want to know what do we consider a “group of teenagers”? Click on the More Information link.